My Itinerary and Important Infos about Rome

So Guys, here I’ll show you how I could manage my low-budget holiday in Rome for 8 days.

Destination: Roma – Lazio – Italy and Vatican.

My Journey was started in 09.07.2013 and ended in 16.07.2013

The most important thing to know which stuffes have to bring in our holiday is we should know about the local weather Forecast between a week. and It was 19 -29 Grad Celcius in Rome.

So I just prepared my summer clothes which are comfortable to use.

I take a few bucks from my bank accounts as Budget in amounts 250 € and it will be used to :

– flight ticket for round trip : 55,06 €

– Hostel in 6 days : 96,67 €

– tourist tax in 6 days : 12 €

– the rest budget :  86,27  in 8 days =>

so it means, I just could spend my money only 10,78 € a day.

Talking about my important traveling Stuffes  :

I was bringing my Camera DSLR ( 2 Batteries, 2 Memory card ), Tripod, spagheti from Lidl, biskuitss, laptop, etc.

For me personally, The Journey will be exciting if I do some Missions that I have to accomplish

So, here they are my Travelling Missions :

– To get nice story to my Blog, getting the actuall infos that I got some online sources and then I rewrite on my Blog, visiting all of planed spots, getting picts from listed spots, get to know with local people, and get to know the ad/disadvantages  of traveling to Rome.

Before I go to travel, I usually search much more infos about the Cities that I will visit it. getting more Infos can make my Holidays to be effective.

So, these are Important Infos that I have updated :

If you guys are Smartphone user, so You have to instal Tripadvisor to find more infos about best restaurant with low-budgeted foods, beautiful places with best rating from other tourists,best Hostel, etc.

  • Packing Tips :

– Women may wear a skirt to the Vatican as long as the knees are totally covered. and Make sure that your shoulders have to be covered

– Men have to wear long trousers, not shorts. This is the Regulation applied to most churches in Rome.

– Bring your Umbrella or Bring your best summer hat and weather-proof shoes

– Bring shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer with sun screen instead of large bottles in 100mls.

– Foot deodorant to minimize bad aroma from your foot or it can keep your foot dry and more comfortable.

  • How to Get there by Plane :

– Rome has two airports. The most widely used is Leonardo da Vinci Airport (Fiumicino).

– The other airport, Ciampino Airport, is the airport which budget airlines use like Ryanair.

A bus service connects it to Termini Station. One-way journeys cost €6 with Terravision Bus.

  • How to Get around The City of Rome:

– On foot: The best way to get around Rome is on foot. the distance between one spot to other spots is not so extreem. we can reach easier on foot and enjoy the best view in every single corner of the city.

Most of the city’s premier attractions within close proximity.

– By metro: Metro or Ubahn in Rome is more comfortable than UBahn in Germany. I amaze with its interior design. Rome’s metro comprises of just two lines, although some stops are in particularly convenient locations, particularly in the Vatican.

  • Rome use the Time Zone of Central European Time (GMT+1), so it’s like in Germany literaly
  • The Ellectricity : 220 Volts AC/50Hz. With 2-pin plug. it’s same with Germany
  • Because Rome belongs to EU, so they also use Euro as their Currency

  • Before I visit some new places, I am usually looking for  infos about Criminal modus beforehand, likewise in Rome  :

– many Scammers offer the more expensive tour ticket without queue.

– many Scammers give you directly a rose, some corn for feeding the pigeons, and then they’re asking for your money. It happened to me where a man give my friend a rose, he said free because he like my friend. I said ok. but after that he asked to me to pay that rose and forced me to pay it.So, Be carefull guys!!

– Take a picture with Caesar Actor or Roman soldiers. They can usually be met in Pantheon, Colloseum, and Roman Forum.

– Watch out for people are offering the lucky bracelet.

– Watch out with pickpockets in city of Rome

– Pickpockets are ubiquitous so Take care with your wallet.

– Be careful with fake/scam police to try to search you and steal your money in the process

– Hidden costs sometimes happen in restaurants because of tourist-being. So, before you ordered its menu, it’s better to you to ask about the cost whether there are not some taxes that shall be paid.

  • Precautions act with all those crime modus are :

– Try not to carry too much cash

– Try to not look like tourist

– Always keep your eye on your belongings

– Don’t so often flaunt your camera

– Be careful in the metro

– Be careful when you cross the street or zebra crossings, because italian drive their car or scooter so fast. and it seems like in Indonesia people.

– Ask are there any extra costs before ordering somethings in Rome

– Ask if there is a cover charge or service charge.

– Make sure to ask the waiters first of all

  • Don’t forget to note the Emergency Contacts:

– Police – 113

– Carabinieri (military police) – 112

– Ambulance – 118

– Finance Police – 117

– Central Police Station – +39 64686

– Tourist Information : 060608

– Lost property on bus or tram : +39 6 5816040

  • Deutsche Bank can be founded in around the city of Rome 

Know your Embassy address to ease you if you lost your travel docs.

for Example Embassy of RI :

– In Rome

Via Campania 55

Rome 00187 Italy

Telp         : +39064200911

Fax          : +39064880280

– In Vatican

Via Marocco No. 10

Rome 00144 EUR Italia

Telepon: +39-06-59290049, 5918610

Facsimile: +39 – 06 54221292, 54210449

Email:[email protected]

  • If you are tourist from Germany where belongs to EU area. So you can get Tax Refunds:

VAT is 21% (will increase to 22% in July) and non-EU residents are entitled to a tax refund if

they spend more than 155 € on a purchase at shops displaying the “Tax Free for Tourists” sign.

All you need to do is complete a form on the spot and have it stamped by Italian customs as you

leave the country. The money will be refunded to your bank account.

More information can be found at (

  • Average Prices :

– Meal, inexpensive restaurant => 7-15 €

– Domestic beer (0.5l draught) => 2-5 €

– Cappuccino (regular) => 1.80 €

– Hostels (average price/night) => 16 – 25 €

  • Drinkable Water :

Rome provide so much more Fountains in around its city.

and  Water from Fountains in Rome is drinkable, I personally like it because its water is so fresh and cold.

So, Do not be afraid to drink from the fountains, in fact, it is where you will get the best quality water in Rome.

  • Discounter markets : Lidl, Carefour, Despar, Conrad, etc.

but Carefour is more inexpensive than Despar.

  • Foods :

Roman cuisine makes the best of the local and seasonal produce and is partly influenced by Jewish cuisine. The meals are usually simple and rather healthy.

I was spending my time to try its food like :

– pasta alla carbonara => pecorino, speck, raw egg


– Gelato => delicious Italian ice cream of any flavor (2,5€ – 6€)

No matter where you are in the Eternal City, you are never far from a ‘gelateria’ (ice-cream bar).

Choose from one scoop or two, small cones or large, and a wide variety of flavours such as

nutella, banana, sorbetto (fruit sorbet). A cone with two scoops shouldn’t cost more than €2.50.

So, Try it Guys !!!

  • Drinks :

If you have been reading the history of Starbucks that they were also taking the concept of italian coffee shop where is so cozy and fresh-served coffee. and  Coffee is the favorite drink in Rome and they make it really well.

  • Public Transportation :

– Rome has public transportation which are subway, buses, trams, and trains.

– there are 4 tickets categories :

# Biglietto semplice B.I.T. – 100 minutes, 1.50 €

# Biglietto giornaliero B.I.G. – 24 hours, 6 €

# Biglietto per 3 giorni B.T.I. – 3 days, 16.50 €

# Biglietto settimanale C.I.S. – 7 days, 24 €

  • Toilets :

Get to know the Locations of the free Toilets is the most important part in my traveling.

and Rome is the one of the city giving the simplicity to find the free public toilets.

Facilities are found near many of the major sights and often have attendants, as do those at bars, clubs, restaurants, cafes, and hotels, plus the airports and the rail station. (There are public restrooms near the Spanish Steps, or you can stop at the McDonald’s there)

It is so different with German Public toilets where we have to pay 0,50 – 1€.

  • Language :

– the main language in Rome is Italian. In the Vatican people speak Latin, and many people can speak mostly English, French, or German.

but in my experience. I always find italian said that they can a little bit english but in fact they can not speak english. So, Prepare your body language to ensure them to understand what you say.

  • Very useful phrases and I usually applied to italian:

Hello => Ciao / Bonjourno

Goodbye => Ciao / Arrivederci

Please => Per Favore

Thank you => Grazie

Yes => Si

No =>  No

Excuse me => Scusa

  • Free Things To-Dos in Rome :

– Walk around the historical center, admire the monuments and feel the ancient atmosphere.

– Take a stroll at the lovely gardens surrounding Villa Borghese.

– Visit the main floor of St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Clemente Church.

– Take your time to the Park Gianicolo to enjoy the stunning views over the city and the free puppet show.

– Walk down the grandiose Spanish Steps, the longest and widest staircase on the continent.

– Walk by Fontana di Trevi, especially at night when it is colorfully lit up, and pitch a coin into

the water.

– Learn what happened to the leaders of the Roman Resistance at the Historical Museum of the Liberation of Rome.

  • Must To Dos in Rome:

– DO dress properly when visiting Rome’s churches – avoid bare shoulders and exposed legs.

– DO remember to bring sun lotion and headwear!

– DO carry your money in a safe pocket or money belt.

– DO learn some basic Italian words and phrases.

– DO watch out when you cross the street.

  • Not To Dos in Rome :

– DO NOT eat at restaurants aimed at tourists.

– DO NOT wash your feet in the fountains and throw money into them except for Fontana di


– DO NOT rely on timetables at the bus stops

  • Prioritated places :

– Vatican Museum, Viale Vaticano 100 A

visit to the Vatican Museum is arguably the most inspiring experience in Rome. As you stroll through the rooms you will seldom close your mouth as each one is as jaw-dropping as the next. Along with the Sistine Chapel, other rooms you won’t forget in a hurry include the Gallery of Maps and the Room of the

Immaculate Conception.

– Colosseum, Piazza del Colosseo

Home to brutal battles between man and beast, the Colosseum is an imposing building and is Ancient Rome’s most symbolic. Walking around this amphitheatre is fascinating as you try to imagine what it was like in all its glory, complete with thousands of Romans and one Julius Caesar.

– St. Peter’s Basilica, Piazza San Pietro 

Before entering St Peter’s, the first thing which strikes you is the number of detailed statues which overlook you in the square. Upon entering mosaics hang over you from every corner. You can also climb to the top of

the dome for unforgettable views of the city.

– Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Trevi

Rome’s most spectacular fountain may attract tourists all day and night, but this doesn’t take away from ist appeal. What’s better is that you can hear the gallons of water flowing over the statues of

Neptune and his chariots seconds before you see it. They say if you throw a coin over your

shoulder into it, it ensures your return to Roma.

Ensure you return to ROMA !!

  • Traveling Tips for limited-budget tourists :

 Stroll Through the Roman Forum

You have to pay to visit the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Circus Maximus. But you can walk through the Roman Forum which was the heart of the city’s commercial, political and social goings-on thousands of years ago for free. To imagine what it was like here in the height of ancient Rome you really have to open your mind as it hasn’t been preserved as well as the Colosseum, but still shouldn’t be missed on any visit to the Italian capital.

– Catch a sunset from Gianicolo Hill If you make your way to Gianicolo Hill, not only can you enjoy

out one of the best vistas of the city, but leave your visit until the evening and you can witness a sunset

which will take your breath away.

– Visit Monumento a Vittorio Emanuele

This unmissable, imposing, white marble building beside the Roman Forum is fastly becoming one of Rome’s best known landmarks. Not liked by many locals as it looks so new beside so many ancient buildings, there is a museum inside which is free of charge.

  • Advantages in Rome :

– For you guys who love scooter, here is the heaven to see scooter/Vespa around the city.

– You don’t need to tip in italy because it’s already been included in the bill.

  • Disadvantages in Rome :

– bad Public transportations

– so hot

– so crowded in the city.

  • And Here is my short Agenda :

Date : 09.07.2013

Lodging : Ciampione Airport/public places

Activities :

– 18:00 – 19:00 => 

+Check the bagage

+ Dinner in Bremen

+ check the Documents (passport, money, printed boarding pass)

– 20:00 – 20:40 =>

+ Ready to flight due to the gate closes 20:40

+ Departure time : 21:11

– 23:45 =>

+ Arrive in Rome Ciampino Airport

Date : 10.07.2013

Lodging : Cherry Hostel

(Please note: Cancellation policy: 72h advance notice Payment upon arrival by cash and credit cards (extra charge of 3% for payment by credit cards) Check in from 13.00 to 01.00 Check out before 11.00 Buffet breakfast included Taxes not included (city tax of 2,00 per person/night)

Activities : 

– 02:00 – 06:00 =>

+ Walking from Ciampino to Vatican.

– 07:00 – 09:00 =>

+ sightseeing in Vatican

– 10:00 – 13:00 =>

+ Walking from Vatican to the Hostel.

+ Having a Lunch in the city

– 14:00 – 16:00 =>

+ Hostel Check in

+ Lunch

+ preparing to go the city

– 18:00 – 23:00 =>

+ 1 Journey

(meet the Paps in Vatican)

Date : 11.07.2013

Lodging : Cherry Hostel

Activities : 

– 08:00 – 23:00 =>

+ 2 journey

Date : 12.07.2013

Lodging : Cherry Hostel

Activities : 

– 08:00 – 23:00 =>

+ 3 Journey

Date : 13.07.2013

Lodging : Cherry Hostel

Activities :

– 08:00 – 23:00 =>

+ 4 Journey

Date : 14.07.2013

Lodging : Cherry Hostel

Activities : 

– 08:00 – 23:00 =>

+ 5 Journey

(Focuss on Vatican city and present in Holly mess with papst )

Date : 15.07.2013

Lodging : Cherry Hostel

Activities :

– 08:00 – 23:00 =>

+ 6Journey

(Focuss on the spots have to be visited twice or the most recommended spots.

And Don’t forget to present in the Rome Festival of Festa di Noantri.)

Date : 16.07.2013

Activities : 

– 07:00 – 09:00 =>

+ ready to check out from the hostel

– 10:00 – 11:30 =>

+ leave the Hostel and go to outside

+ Have the last Lunch in Rome

– 12:00 =>

+ leaving the city of Rome to Ciampione Airport

+ prepare the boarding pass and all of stuffes

– 17:00 – 17:35 =>

+ get ready to come back Germany in due to the gate closes 17:35

+ Departure time : 18:05

21:00 =>

+ arrive in Bremen Germany

So, For more complete infos about my agendas, I will send you in form of pdf via email if it’s needed.

Sources : 

Rome (e-guide), Rome Pocket Guide, Ryanair Tour guide, Tripadvisor Rome Guide, Tripomatic-free-city-guide-Rome.

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