Premium Service

If you are an professional executive or a business owner who are often tied-up in the day-to-day decisions of your company so that you do not have time to invest your energy to think other stuff in your corporation. Then, I will be here for you to assist you by giving my talent and my expertise to ensure your businesses get it right and goes in the right track.

In this premium service, I would support your businesses and also be giving you solution to your obstacles. With having working experiences in various industries in Europe and also acquiring educations, mostly in Europe, my confidence would be enough to provide you advices with focus on strategic topics like corporate strategy.

My methodology is very clear and would be easier understood because of its simplicity and efficiency.
There are some issues that are mostly identified and analysed in order to find the right solution for corporate's problem.
Some methodolgies are shown in the following bullet-points bellow:



Identify its existing company's strategy & marketing strategy


Discussion regarding strategy to reach the sustainable company's success such as:

  • Identification of 10 management roles according to Mintzberg (Gallionsfigur, CEO, Speaker, Innovator, Problemsolver, Lobbyist, etc.)
  • 5'Ps according to Mintzberg (Plan, pattern, Position, Perspective, Ploy)
  • Identification of 7-Elements of strategic management (Company's-Structure, -Culture; Market and Environment which include market positioning, Sales & marketing)
Determine The Right Strategic Analyses


Analyse its case by using various strategic analyses such as:

  • Corporate analyses (INTERNAL-SW) in order to better recognize company's resources and capabilities by analysing its function (procurement, production, Sales & Marketing); analysing its value chain with using PORTER-methodology; analysing its company's culture (such as Symbol, Rituals, History, organization structure, power and system); analysing its core compentency with using VRINO-methodology (Value, Rarity, Imitability, Non-Substituability and Organization); analysing its USP (Unique Selling Proposition); and analysing its structure with using 7's Model (Strategy, Structure, Style, Company's Identity, System, Permanent Staffs, Special Compentencies).


  • Competitive Analysis (Micro-Environment which is situated between SW and OT) by conducting Industry-Analysis with using 5 Forces Methodology according to Porter (Rivalry among existing competitors, Threat of new Entry, Threat of Substitutes, Bargaining Power of Customers, Bargaining Power of Suppliers, and extra Threat from National or International regarding law and policy); generating Competitor analyse to identify competitor's Strengths and Weaknesses; conductiong Customer-Analysis (B2B or B2C); and Stakeholder-Analsis by observing their targets, power and priority)


  • Market- & Environmental Analyses (EXTERNAL-OT) in order to identify Chances and Risks by implementing PESTEL-concept (Politic, Economy, Social, Technology, Ecology and Legal).


  • Strategic Foresight in order to prevent the worst scenario by using DELPHI-methodology with collecting qualitative opinions from experts.


  • Combination of all analyses by implementation of Portfolio-Analysis and SWOT.
Formulate its Strategy for making Decision.


Discussion regarding how to formulate its Strategie after generating strategic analyses so that a proper decision can be made by:

  • Creating Strategic Options which include Parenting Strategy (e.g.: Centralization of Businesses); Development Strategies such as Growth Strategy with Product-Market-Matrix according to Ansoff (Market Penitration, Market Expansion, Product Enhancement, Diversification) and Competitor Strategies (Price & Cost Strategie, Differentiation Strategies in Product, Services, Brand, Sales and Time; and Hybrid Strategies); Stabilization (Secure our Position); and Desinvestment (Liquidation, Disposition, Drawback).


  • Taking strategic Decision with paying attention to the CSR (Social & Ecology) and to the 3 dimensions reference framework of Abell (Technology, Function, and Target Audience)
Implementation of Strategy (e.g.: Top-Down or Bottom-Up)


Discussion regarding how to implement its strategy properly by:

  • Controlling whether or not its strategy is already successful implemented by observing a whole Corporation & Management (Awareness, Comprehension, Ability and Willingness).


  • Change management.
Controlling & Evaluation of implemented Strategy


Discussion regarding implemented strategy with supports of the following methodology, such as:

  • Identification of its Purpose, its Targets, and its Functions (e.g.: Acceptance, Credibility, Profitability, Organization-FIT, Adjustability, Stakeholder-Orientation, Learning & Development Process).


  • Observing its Key Figures (e.g.: KPI) or with a help of Balanced Scorecard by paying attention to the 4 perspectives such as Finance, Customer, Process, Learn and Development which can be connected to the Company's Vision and Strategy.
Observe The Success Factors of Strategic Management


Discussion regarding Success Factors of Strategic Management through 10 C-Methodology:

  • Controlling, Change, Customer, Culture, Confidence, Commitment, Communication, Credibility, Cooperation and Coordination.