“The Nine Steps Confirmation Strategy”.

Since 2015 I have traded in Stock Market and become an independent swing trader who is passionate about the financial markets. I  involve myself in Financial market, therefore I have Knowledge and experiences in working with various financial products, including: Equity, FX, Bonds, Swaps, Options, Commodity and Interest rate related products, etc.
This becomes my routine activity in finance with investing 10% of my annual income in Stock Market based on my own trading Strategy which is “The Nine Steps Confirmation Strategy”.

I love identifying some good stocks with looking at company's financial statements and analysing the health of company itself through numbers and its financial ratios. I believe numbers tell everything about company's financial situation and they help me to decide which company stocks would bring profitability for my investment.

Hybrid Trading Strategy is a combination trading strategy between Fundamental and Technical Analysis. This strategy would be really helpful to identify whether or not we enter the market. Furthermore, it can be used to forecast the trend of stock prices in the future. It supports  also our decision to see the stock movement in the long term, so that it is able to facilitate us in making strategic decision.

This Strategy consists of:

  1. Line Drawing: Support/Resistance and Breakout/Breakdown
  2. Trend Identification by using statistic tools such as MA (Moving Average) and BB (Bollinger Bands)
  3. Identification of Chart Patterns such us Channels, Triangles, Gaps
  4. Identification of Candlestick Patterns
  5. Application of statistic Indicators: Stochastic, RSI, ADX, Volume. MACD
  6. Identification of Harmonic Pattern and Fibonacci
  7. Implementing Money Management Strategy
  8. Collecting information regarding Market Sentiment: Analyst, Twitter
  9. Fundamental Analysis



  • Fundamental analysis by observing relevant financial and non financial indicators of its company, its industry, its competitors (Internal & External) such as the financial statements of company, economic indicators, etc. Furthermore, Szenario Analyse (Determine Worst & Best Scenario), SWOT-analysis and PESTEL-analysis would be also applied to support technical analysis in order to find the right decision.