We are RAT-Enterprise - The strongest global distributor of hard to find, obsolete Electronic Components, various non-ferrous & semi-finished Metal Products, Pipeline Equipments, various second-hand Motor Graders, coal & related products and various Agriculture Commodities (Cashew, Clove, Bird's Nest, Cocoa, Coffee-Beans, Palm and Coconut) near you.


"No Matter How Big the Challenge and How Hard to find the Product, We always believe, Impossible is Nothing"


Through this above quote, RAT Components becomes the most considered distributor which is able to deliver "Hard to Find" or "Obsolete" electronics components that other suppliers might not be able to provide and this is our specialist in our business.

  • We are able to supply made-in-Germany "Pipeline Equipments" for construction companies which build gas-, water-, and oil pipelines in on-shore as well as in off-shore sector.
  • we can distribute made-in-Germany "second-hand Motor Graders" for road construction, forestry, bridges, buildings, railway tracks, mining and earthmoving applications.
  • we distribute made-in-Germany "Non-Ferrous & Semi-Finished Metal Products" for the highest quality using the best materials and high-precision, customised processing methods. to create reliable and customized solutions for meeting individual demands.
  • We supply "Coal and related Products" in any quantity and quality required, and are able to deliver it to your desired destination.
  • Furthermore, we also have Team who has built a tight network of contacts with our farmers and always controls its quality before it will be shipped to our clients so that we are able to distribute "various high quality Agriculture Commodities" from Indonesia to our clients globally.

Founded in November 2016, our company have grown by leaps and bounds and had been setting new standards. Starting put with only ability, enthusiasm and a clear vision of destination, our team has earned every single reputation.

Our Expertise: We supply not only electronic components that other electronic distributors don't but also we provide full security on each order. Furthermore, we are able to distribute (second-hand or new) Metal Products, Pipeline Equipments and motor graders made in Germany because we have a tight relationship with our German manufacturers and we are able to supply high quality Agriculture Commodities and also Coal Products from Indonesia.