A growing number of businesses are changing from manual preparation of financial statements to financial reporting automation which provides the benefits in the financial reporting process such as time savings, improved efficiency, cost savings and cost effectiveness.

For example, when you are working in Controlling Department which is usually flooded by millions of informations from other departments (e.g.: Purchasing, Production, Sales & Marketing) and need to compile, to sort them and to process them in a very short time becoming an understandable reliable financial reporting so that it can be easier interpreted by your boss for making fast strategic decision, you need here to automate your financial report to process them correctly in efficient way with help of Microsoft Excel (VBA).


Here are some benefits of Automation of Financial Reporting:

1. Time-Saving
Automated financial reporting will save your time instead of generating manually financial reports which is a complex and time-consuming process. Furthermore, with an automated financial reporting tool that is built by Microsoft Excel VBA can connect source data to report data, combine data from different excel file sources and set rules for creating reliable reports. These are benefits that can minimize the time needed to gather data and generate reports.


2. Money-Saving
Automated financial reporting will also lead to significant cost savings. It can minimize the workload for employees who once manually created reports and can often cut overtime hours paid during crunch times when reports come to the deadline.


3. Reducing Risk of Errors
Nobody is perfect, and even the smartest, most detailed oriented employees can also make mistakes. Furthermore, when financial reporting is done manually, it can often lead to some costly errors. Here, Microsoft Excel can be programmed by using VBA code to become an automated financial reporting tool so that all data can be linked back to original data sources providing consistent system that minimize several risks such as errors, late-filing and non-compliance.


4. Efficiency
Automated financial tool is designed by using Excel VBA can speed up the process of collecting data and generating reports so employees can focus on other duties so that it can improve the efficiency of a company controlling system.


5. Reducing Turnaround Time
You can imagine, if you manually prepare your financial statements, you will need time to evaluate your reports after inputing data to ensure that you inserted correctly. While an automation of financial reporting tool can ensure your reports are generated faster and reliable so that it leaves more time to review, to analyze the data and to use the data to make decision.


If your businesses still rely on preparing financial reports manually and you already realized that an automated financial reporting tool is needed but you still have no idea how to build a customized reliable report to the needs of your businesses, I am here to help you to realise your idea with my skills in Automation of Financial Reporting with Microsoft Excel. I have been working in a project of automation of financial data with BMW AG to generate a financial budgeting report to determine strategic decision.


I can help setup report automation by building custom reports for your company as needed. Furthermore, I also can analyze your data and implement the best cost-effective reporting system.

For more information regarding the method that I used and for further discussion regarding this service, you can contact me via my email: [email protected]